Jake Fried Analysis

the video that up on, it named Night Vision, it is created by the Jake Fried at 2015, the vision that on this video just like you a were on a rocket and travel around the earth, and then went into space, because at first i see the some shape similar to a mountain, and the street, city and the solar system. this video make me feel little dizzy and little bit surprised, i was feel dizzy because the picture was moving pretty fast, and the picture black and white, sometime you can’t really tell what i what, i was surprised cause the video just like show me the history of the human, first there are few people on mountain then the human start to builded their own valley, then the small valley become the big city, last the human was traveling in the solar system, the part that i get this feeling is on 35 second the big city become the into the solar system. in mine opinion this video was not pretty good it is still ok, because the speed of the picture change is very fast, but the part that make it ok is it show the history and further.  



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